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The Hole 1.4 is a Custom Campaign created by Theevina. It has three endings.


The campaign starts with Simon narrowly escaping from a train. The player then navigates a series of dark corridors littered with Flares, eventually finding a key. Reaching a well-lit area, on the stairs the player finds a mobile phone battery, and unlocks the maitenance door. If the key has not been previously picked up, Simon remarks that he must've missed it in the dark corridor.

Passing the unlocked door, the player arrives in a street area. There are many closed doors all around, a Nightstick can be found near a Croucher enemy, and a note can be found by a fire truck in the corner, saying "When you're running, you won't have much time to find the right door." The only available exit leads to a long hallway of doors.

After entering the hallway, the player can turn back and return to the streets, where a previously locked red door is now open, leading to a room with a wardrobe and a table full of weapons: Revolver, Ruger P345, Glock 19, HK MP5, Sledgehammer and a Flashlight. The sledgehammer is required for Ending 3.

Back in the hallway of doors, a Sawrunner ambushes the player midway through the corridor. The very last door on the right hand side is not locked, leading to a small room, where a note is hidden under the couch, saying "Dear wife, I dropped the key to my secret place in the courtyard and I'm too lazy to search for it. Please let me know if you find it, thanks." This is a hint to getting Ending 2.

  • Note that if the player doesn't enter the right hand door and instead immediately escapes the hallway through the back door, it won't be possible to backtrack through it, as Simon will remark that the Sawrunner is still there.

Exiting the hallway, the player is brought to a courtyard with a hole in the ground in the middle of it. A rusty key can be found under a bush in the far right corner, as part of Ending 2. Otherwise, the player has to slowly descend into the hole by parkouring down the ledges.

At the end a door can be found, when you go through the door you will be brought to a linear cave. When the player advances in the caves they will have to find their way through a maze, later on the player must kill a Faceless in order to get a valve and open a locked gate, killing the Faceless will spawn Fasters, Crazyrunners, and a Upper that will attack the player. When the player goes through the gate they will have to go down ladders, at the left five ammunition for a Glock 19 can be found, when the player walks back a flashback of real Simon will be seen. At forward the player will have to slowly go down a wide area, when the player goes through the door below a cutscene will play, a green Slower called "Abomination" asks Simon "Simon, embrace the darkness." Simon replies back with "Why don't you shut up and show your face?", Abomination explains "I am where you are. Do you know where you are?" and Simon asks "Wait... who are you?" which Abomination answers with "The real question is: Who are YOU? And what have you done with your life? Let me help you remember. Come and fight!" When the cutscene ends the player must defeat the Abomination.

Defeating the Abomination leads to Ending 1, alternatively the player can use the Sledgehammer to break a specific rock in the arena and enter a trapdoor beneath it for Ending 3.

Ending 1[]

As Simon defeats the Abomination, he finds himself in a dark hallway, which slowly shrinks as the player walks through it, eventually culminating in a jumpscare by The Face.


Well, now I finally understand.

I've been wandering the whole night
wondering why I was being chased by monsters
but now that thing has reminded me.

I remember committing suicide. I'm dead.

Oh, and do you know where I am now? Hell!

I am doomed to be endlessly running scared. Forever!

This is my torture, my eternal punishment.

And there is nothing and nobody that's going to change this.

It's all over.

Ending 2[]

Back in the hallway of doors that leads from the streets to the courtyard. The last door on the right hand side can be opened, and it leads into a furnished room where a note can be found that says: "Dear wife, I dropped the key to my secret place in the courtyard and I'm too lazy to search for it. Please let me know if you find it, thanks."

In the courtyard, a rusty key can be found under a bush in the far right corner from the entrance. If the player has previously entered the room in the hallway, it will now be possible to backtrack through the hallway, then all the way to the dark corridors, where one of the doors can now be opened with the key. The door leads to a nightmare sequence with four Strangers, and upon completion awards the second ending:


Last night I had a nightmare, and it felt so real.

I thought it was never going to end.

I was wandering through the streets and
there were monsters everywhere trying to kill me.

Sophie committed suicide and I felt like I was about to.

Obviously my situation makes that impossible.
I can't walk.

However I did learn something from it.
The book isn't working.

I know Doctor Purnell believed it would help me,
but writing down my feelings only seems to make them worse.

What really makes me feel better is the confidence my mom has in me.

I also feel happier when Sophie comes to visit.

There is still a long way to go, but I feel hope,
something I haven't had in a long time.
I am confident I will heal both my legs and my mind.

This is the last entry in my book.

The end.

Ending 3[]

During the Abomination fight, it's possible to break one of the rocks with the sledgehammer, revealing a trapdoor underneath. Enter it and proceed further to get the third ending:



Subject: Simon Henriksson

Victim was found at the bottom of an extensive series of mysterious tunnels.

The limbs were twisted in odd positions due to broken bones
and the body was at the edge of a pool of boiling water.

There were two causes of death which happened simultaneously:
Extreme trauma to the body breaking most bones and skull.
Heart failure, most likely due to extreme fear.

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