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The Stairway is Custom Campaign made by IamBulletProof. This campaign has two endings depending on which directions you take.

Chapter 1: Where am I?[]

The level starts with Simon in a dark room with a bed and a lantern blocked off with two pieces of wood. The player has to break these pieces of wood with their fists, grab the lantern, and leave the room. The next room contains a stairway that leads to a short drop. When the player jumps down the short drop, Sawrunner appears from behind and chases them until they leave the room. The next room contains a Psycho next to a sewer, the player must jump into the sewers before they get killed by the Psycho. The sewer contains two Sewmos who the player must avoid. Upon exiting the sewers, Simon is confused on how he entered his room. In the room there is a Glock 19 with a clip next to it. Upon exiting Simon's room, the player immediately confronted by a Drowned followed by a Psycho in the bathroom and a Faster in the kitchen. The player must then get a key from the sink to unlock the basement door. When entering the basement, the player has to navigate through as they get attacked by a Handcrab, a Citalopram, and a Sawcrazy that busts from a wall. The room that comes after this is just an empty room where players can collect themselves and use any syringes if needed. Upon leaving the empty room, the player ends up in a gated off area with a syringe and a 9mm clip on the table. Whenever the player is ready, they can press the button nearby to lift the gate.

Chapter 2: Night Descent[]

This chapter has the player going through a small maze with two Tallers that they must escape from. The next room is a sewer room that contains multiple Slowers and Sewmos they must either kill or avoid. The next room contains the first boss fight, but before the player can fight it, they must kill two Suiciders that bust from the walls and a Psycho that is hiding behind a gate. After killing them, if the player walks near the middle of the room, Sawrunner will appear as a boss busting through the wall. He will still insta-kill the player if he makes contact, but he has significantly lower health. After killing him, the player must grab a key from the right side of the room that is guarded by Crouchers. The player can also check the left side of the room to find a M16 with three extra clips and two 9mm clips. The player must then quickly use the key and leave the room before Sawer, an enemy who spawns behind them regardless if the player does or doesn't have the key on them if they are near the door, kills them. The next room is a chase by Sawer, as he breaks into the room, as you are attacked by multiple Strangers.

Chapter 3: Time to End this[]

This chapter starts with the player in a safe room with extra ammo for their Glock 19, a tac light for said Glock, and a new Ruger P345. The player will then have to climb down a ladder and enter the door in front of them. Upon going through the door, the player runs into an intersection where they can choose to either left or right.

If the player goes to the left, they can enter a door that leads them to another room with a ladder. After climbing on the ladder, the player walks by a block with wood in front of it. The wood suddenly breaks as Sawrunner appears again chasing the player into a another room. The next room contains a maze the that player must navigate through as they also fight various enemies like Children, Psychos, Slowers, Strangers, Crazyrunners, a Drowned, Flygares, and Spitters. Throughout the maze, Psychos and Slowers guard ammo and weapons, with one of the psychos guarding the dead body of Doctor Purnell, which he presumably killed, and his revolver. The end of the maze requires the player to kill a Slower that is stuck to the door. After completing the maze, the player then enters a room as audio of Sophie rejecting Simon plays as her dead body is in the room. The room also contains an M16, ammo, syringes, and pills. The game then also takes away a part of Simon's health. As the player enters the next room, Sick Simon is on the top of the room. If the player gets close to him, two Book Simons with shotguns appear. It's generally more safer if the player climbs the ladder as both of them have a lot of health. Upon touching Sick Simon, real Simon wakes up and realizes that this was all just a dream. The player then gets their entire inventory stripped and halved as they have to grab Simon's phone and exit his bedroom.

If the player chooses to go right, they will see a wall, but when they get close enough, the player gets jumpscared by a Dreamer and the wall disappears revealing a door further up. Upon entering this door, the player gets the attention of a Sawrunner, but if they start to run now, they won't have enough stamina to outrun Sawcrazy, who busts through a wall. It is recommended for players to use a syringe for a stamina boost so they can outrun Sawcrazy. The player then runs into a gate where they can separate from Sawcrazy. At the end of the room is a Croucher Twitcher. The room after that contains The Face trapped in a glass box with other buildings nearby. When the player moves to the middle of the room, four Psychos appear from the now destroyed walls that hid them. After the player kills them, they must go into the door inside the first building to the left.

Chapter 4: It's not over yet[]

The player gets this chapter if they went left in chapter 3. It starts with the player grabbing a nightstick alongside his phone and leaving the house. The player then has to travel to another house to get a fuse to open the garage door of said house. Upon grabbing the fuse, the player is attacked by two Psychos. When the player puts in the fuse, the garage door opens revealing a Slower next to the car that the player must kill since it won't move away from the car. The chapter ends with Simon driving away while questioning what happened and whether or not he's going insane.


"What the fuck is going on here? What is happening... To me? When I woke up, I thought I was dead... But I was in my room, with my computer turned off. Mom and Dad aren't home, they must of went out. But... Something is not right here. Who the heck is that guy with the chainsaw, why is he... trying to kill me? I just have to keep going... until I find someone who can help. I hope I'm not going insane... This is shit, just... shit."

To be continued...

— Simon(After Chapter 4)

Final Chapter: You Will Die[]

The player gets this chapter if they went right in chapter 3. It starts with the player being changed into real Simon, except his not wheelchair-bound. The player's inventory is wiped and they will only get a Browning HP 9mm. The player then has to walk through a corridor of hands from the You Will Die nightmare sequence and up stair towards a door on the ground. Upon entering this door, the player enters a maze with two Hangmen that don't move. The door in this maze leads to a Sick Simon with a Glock 19 that will shoot at you. If you deplete his health or get close enough to Sick Simon, he will commit suicide by shooting himself in the head similarly to how Suiciders kill themselves. The chapter ends with real Simon saying that he killed himself because he found it was the only way to end this nightmare and that it was just too painful and sick for him to handle.


"It's over, finally over. This nightmare is just too sick for me to bear, in the end, it's too painful for me to bare. I had to end myself, because that's the only way to end this nightmare. Farewell."


— Simon(After Final Chapter)


  • There was an older version of this campaign that had many differences including:
    • Chapter 1 being called "Where are you?"
    • The first part of Chapter 1 giving you a switchblade, a flashlight, and a syringe unlike in the latest version where you are only given a lantern.
    • The sewer part in Chapter 1 originally had two Psychos and three Sewmos
    • Simon's room gave the player a Ruger P345 with two clips instead of Glock 19 with one clip.
    • Stephano appearing in various areas
    • A Crazyrunner appeared when you entered the basement.
    • Simon reacted to the scream in the basement by saying, "What the hell?"
    • Sawrunner appearing in the basement instead of the Handcrab
    • The start of Chapter 2 gave the player a M16 with 2 clips alongside a Glock 19 with 1 clip.
    • The maze in Chapter 2 additionally had a Sawer appear at the door.
    • In the sewer section in Chapter 2, Simon questioned if someone passed through.
    • There were two Slower3s on the second floor instead of just one. And there were four Sewmos that blocked your path instead of three.
    • In Sawrunner's boss fight, there were two psychos instead of just one.
    • The left side of the boss fight consisted of mostly 9mm clips instead of M16 clips.
    • There was a dead cat in Chapter 3.
    • The door on the left side required a key code the player would get by calling the Depression Helpline.
  • You can cheese Sawrunner's boss fight by hiding behind the ledges next to his spawn and just fire shots at him.
  • Due to collision bugs, gates will sometimes not help the player stop enemies. This is very prevalent in Chapter 3.
  • In the latest version, Sick Simon doesn't appear on top of the ladder, but appears in the older version.
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