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Complete unlockable screen

Unlockables are weapons, items and outfits in Cry of Fear that can be obtained after finishing the game and/or fulfilling certain criteria, increasing the replay value. This is a list of the unlockables and where or how to get them.

Secret Rooms

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Secret room in the beginning of the game

Secret Rooms are two rooms where secret weapons and items will be laid out once unlocked, along with a wardrobe to change Simon's outfit. These become available after completing the game once.

  • The first one is at the start of Chapter 1, on the left hand side in the yellow tunnel, same place where Simon notices a silhouette walking away.
  • The second one is at the start of Chapter 6, it's a bunker under a large iron trapdoor by the red car on the right hand side.

Book Pages

Book Pages are hidden throughout the game, they provide written clues on how to unlock other secrets.

First page Explains where to find the other pages. Obtained after finishing the game for the first time.
Second page Explains the ranking system. Chapter 4, under a blue van in Saxon Avenue.
Third page Explains how to unlock all outfits. Chapter 6, on the left side of the forest clearing with the doorknob, where a Sawrunner chases the player. It is possible - and recommended - to grab the page before triggering the Sawrunner.
Fourth page Explains how to unlock secret items. Chapter 4, in the subway maintenance shafts. In a corridor with three fans, the middle one is partially broken. Crawl through the broken part, turn right and proceed all the way through.
Fifth page Explains how to unlock secret weapons. Chapter 6, after escaping the crashed train. To the right of the tunnel entrance there's a red-colored totaled car with a trapdoor behind it. The page is to the left of the trapdoor.

Note that by progressing through the game normally, the pages will be discovered in the order of second-fourth-fifth-third.


Different outfits can be obtained in the form of hoodies, jeans and full body reskins. After unlocking, they become available in the wardrobe inside either of the Secret Rooms.

David Leatherhoff suit Reach Ending 5.
ModDB hoodie Chapter 3, found on the kitchen counter of the apartment from which you reach the rooftops.
Hello Kitty suit Chapter 4, unlocked by pressing the Use key on the dead cat in the vents six times.
Afraid of Monsters suit Chapter 4, inside the Harbor College.
Camouflage hoodie Reach Ending 2.
Half-Life Creations hoodie Chapter 1, in one of the rooms in the Apartments.
Black Metal suit Reach Ending 1.
Team Psykskallar hoodie Reach Ending 3.
Awesome suit Attain all five Endings at least once.
Sick Simon suit Reach Ending 4.
AoM Twitcher suit On the path to Ending 5, in the "Heaven" level, unlocked by killing a twitcher with the Axe.
Custom hoodie Unlocked by collecting every other outfit and beating the game one more time.


These are overpowered and/or joke weapons that aren't intended for serious play. Once unlocked, they can be found laid out on a table in either secret room.

FAMAS Beat the game on Nightmare difficulty.
Axe On the way to Ending 5, in the "Heaven" level, go to the black room with numbers scribbled on the walls. Click the numbers in this order: 26-16-4-27-49-2-32-45-12-23 (the same code as in Afraid of Monsters). A room containing the axe will then open. Use it on a twitcher once to keep it as an unlockable.
Digital Camera Beat the game in under 2.5 hours on any difficulty.
Simon's Book Beat the game on Nightmare difficulty with an S-rank.
HK MP5 Join the Cry of Fear mappers Steam group.


Once obtained, these are accessible from either of the secret rooms.


These are all unlocked by beating the game for the first time.

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