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The VP70 is the second handgun found in Cry of Fear.


Simon finds it in the end of a tunnel in the alleys of Chapter 4. It's the second most powerful handgun in the game, capable of firing a 3-round burst, with the drawback being its high ammo consuming rate. When dual wielded with another item, it instead fires a 2-round burst, improving weapon handling. Unfortunately, each shot deals less damage (13 instead of the usual 15).


  • Very Fast firing speed
  • Moderate to Low recoil
  • Fires in 3-round bursts
  • Easy to use iron sights
  • Has the highest magazine capacity out of all pistols (18 rounds)
  • The second strongest handgun before the Revolver


  • Recoil can make it difficult to land all 3 shots in one burst
  • Cannot be switched to single-shot
  • Worse damage when dual wielded


Firing sound


  • James 'Minuit' Marchant stated the VP70 is a reference to Resident Evil 2, which has been a strong source of inspiration for the Cry of Fear team.
  • The VP70 is manufactured by Heckler & Koch, the full name of the gun is the Volkspistole ("People's pistol"), and the 70 stands for the year it was first produced (1970).
  • It is a polymer frame double-action 9mm pistol, and was the first polymer framed pistol ever mass-produced.
  • The gun comes in a military and civilian variant. The two differ only in that the military variant omits a safety due to its heavy trigger pull and is designed to incorporate the stock shown in game (although the civilian variant can be altered). This makes it most likely that the version Simon finds is the military variant.
  • Ironically, the stock is what allows the gun to be switched from burst mode to semi automatic single shot mode, therefore it should have been possible for Simon to switch the weapon's burst mode off. The reasons for the developers omitting the toggle are unknown.
  • The firing sound is quite similar to the firing sound of the P90 in Counter-Strike 1.6.
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