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Waspet Gardens is a major location in Cry of Fear and one of the two places in which decisions made by the player affect the ending, the other being the Asylum.


As Simon enters this area, Sophie calls him via his mobile phone, and tells him to meet on the roof, albeit on a poor line with large portions of the conversation incomprehensible. Simon needs to find the key to the building leading to the roof, however. When he finally reaches Sophie, a conversation ensues which relieves Simon. He confesses his feelings for her, but she rejects Simon, saying she only sees him as a friend. It is here that Carcass manipulates her psychologically into immediately committing suicide, which infuriates Simon. This is where the player can choose to flee or fight Carcass, and if the latter is done, triggers one of the conditions for the best ending.

Waspet Gardens is one of the only few areas that connects later in the game. When Simon needs to obtain the fuse for the doors in the Subways, one of the areas connects to here as a shortcut.


  • Like most locations in Cry of Fear, Waspet Gardens is based on a real life location known as Humlegården.
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