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The Watro is an enemy encountered only in the Co-op campaign of Cry of Fear. Not exactly an enemy and more of a hazard than anything else, a Watro is a large body of flesh with a large arm protruding from it -- several faces staring blankly from its mass.

About the monster

The Watros are only encountered and fought at the docks. They will remain dormant underwater until the player approaches too closely to their hiding place. This will cause them to emerge from the water and wait for the players to come within range before striking at them, dealing a considerable amount of damage.

This creature has a great resemblance to the Human Flower, which is in reality a larger version of the Watros. Unlike its larger brother however, Watros can actually be killed.

A tip to not wasting all your ammo on a Watro is to jump over his arm when he is about to hit you. This can save ammo for ground enemies, and give you more time.

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